by Disminded

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released January 1, 2013

Recorded, produced, engineered & mastered during November 2012 by David Jordan @ Soundranger Studios, Münster.

Auer: Guitars & Bass
Pippo: Drums
Kevin: Vocals



all rights reserved


Disminded Wesel, Germany

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Track Name: Suffocate the Pain
Stick a Needle in my Vein
To suffocate my fucking Pain
My Demons are calling me
They just won´t let me be

Surrounded by pale white Skin
The Pain comes from deep within
Gotta tear it out of me
Cause it just won´t let me be

Suffocate the fucking Pain


The Knife slicing through my Skin
It will cleanse me from all my Sins
Cut my Flesh to set me free
Cause it just won´t let me be

Rip away the Shreds of Meat
Cause for them I have no Need
Scream my last Breath out of me
Finally they let me be

Suffocate the fucking Pain
Track Name: My own Way
they try to silence me
so that nobody hears me
they want to take away my voice

they try to break my will
to break down my resistance
they want to leave me no choice

i will go my own way

they try to take my soul
to make me dead and cold
to fit into society

they try to trample down
all my love and hope
they want to break down my belief

i will go my own way

Nobody can break my
Will to go on my own Way

I got my Life and I
Will live it on my own Way

You got no Right to
Judge over me and my Life

Fuck you, let me go
Just let me live my Life

they try to take control
of my whole fucking life
they want to make me one of them

but i will keep on screaming
i´ll beat them one by one
i´ll fight until the bitter end
Track Name: Turn around
Day by day i m walking through my own desert
Everyday seems grey in grey, no sense no more
I am so far away from the truth – so far
No space, no grace, no light in sight

Turn around
Turn around

Long forgotten memories coming alive
I was too blind to see the walls
I am everything that you are not
Notice this and keep away from me

Watching this poor soul burn
Blindless leads me right into my tomb
Ignorance brings the past alive
And turns it into a bleeding soul

I can see your weakness, there s a light in your eyes
Tells me to drown my head in my own blood
Just to see myself no more but I got the pieces
to your broken heart, rip my heart out
smash your face right to the dust

I know you know this pain underneath your chest
Sometimes it turns into a deep black hole
And everyday it grows a little bit more
I am the virus which infected you

Turn around
Turn around
Track Name: I bleed
You raped my mind, you raped my soul
with every word, with every lie
you raped me
don´t you see me suffer?

do you see what i became through your torture?
when i think of you and your fucking plots
it feels like a knife in my fucking heart
you make me wanna slit my own fucking throat

you make me feel...

i tried to avoid you
but even in my dreams you haunt me
but just wait, we´ll meet again
we´ll meet again in hell

you cause me a wound which never closes
you tear it open...
with every fucking breath and every fucking lie
don´t you understand you break me in two

stop bending me like you want to
i´m gonna break, you kill me slowly
you slit my mind, piece by piece
with your presence

Now i´m full of hate and pain
and you know, one day i´ll take
one day i´ll take

i tried to avoid you
but even in my dreams you haunt me
but just wait, we´ll meet again
we´ll meet again in hell